Company description:

Our company is a manufacturer of natural and healthy products for sleep and articles for meditation. We offer: 1. Products filled with natural scales - husk of buckwheat, spelled and millet: pillows, mattresses, mats, rolls to sleep, seat cushions, neckrolls. 2. Accessories for meditation filled with buckwheat husk or kapok: zafu, zabuton, bolsters, rolls. 3. Health mustard products: pillows, mats, lumbar belts, blindfolds, etc. 4. Warming pillows filled with cherry pits. We export our products to the most demanding European countries. There is a possibility of production on behalf of a client - with its INSERT, tag and logo. Welcome!

  • Contact details

    Address: ELIKS
    Proletariatu 166
    Wojkowice, 42-580, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 +48601611296
    WWW: www.eliks.pl
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